Frigidaire FPGF3081KF Professional 30

  • 30 inch gas freestanding range
  • Real stainless steel
  • PowerPlus and light rapid clean options
  • PowerPlus boil
  • Low-simmer burner (5,000-500BTU)

I purchased this Frigidaire Professional 30" gas range (FPGF3081KF) to replace my parents' aging GE stove which barely survived the Thanksgiving holiday. We are a family of french cooks, including a professional executive chef with international cooking experience. For us, a good quality stove is important in any household. Prior to my purchase, I set my requirements based on the following criteria:

Stove Requirements:

* 30-in width, free standing

* Middle burner w/cast-iron griddle/grill

* Gas burners

* Convection oven

* Warming or baking drawer

* Stainless

* Reliable brand for daily heavy use

* Budget under $1400

Initially, I was focusing on the GE Profile series. A close friend owns a GE Profile with the specs listed above and paid around $1900 for his. He has had it for 4 years and has been extremely pleased with it. Although I really liked the look and capabilities of the GE Profile series, the model I wanted was out of my price range. During a visit at my local BestBuy, I came across the Frigidaire Gallery and Professional series, and was impressed with the quality of the ranges. I began my research and was impressed with many of the reviews.

Over the Black Friday weekend, I found a GE Profile floor model at BestBuy for $1299, and this Frigidaire Professional, brand new, for $1053. Comparing apples to apples, the GE Profile was not worth the extra $246, so I decided on the Frigidaire.

Review Positive Notes:

(We have only had this stove for just over a week, but have used it heavily and have tested all of the features. So far, this stove has passed every test with flying colors.)

* The overall impression is that this is a heavy duty and professional quality stove. Nothing feels cheap.

* The continuous grates allows better control of the pots and pans on the stove-top, and seem to be of high quality.

* The burners are very responsive and burn at a much higher intensity than our previous stove.

* The burner knobs are made of metal (instead of plastic), which gives the stove that added level of professional quality.

* The stainless steel finish is not a fingerprint magnet. The black stove top hides dirt when cooking, and is easy to clean.

* The PowerPlus burner drastically decreases the time it takes us to boil water. The high intensity of this burner works very well with larger pots.

* The customizable oven racks, including the slide-out feature of the bottom rack are really useful! Having that bottom rack slide out about 6 inches towards you as you open the oven door really helps reduce the chance of getting burnt.

* Warming drawer is an added bonus, and kept a roasted chicken well heated at the highest setting, without drying it out.

* The center burner with w/cast-iron grill allowed us to cook skewered steak to perfection!

* The oven and timer controls are easy to follow, once you've glanced at the manual.

Review Negative Notes:

* When using the oven at high temperatures, some of the burner knobs tend to get really hot. Although I did not burn myself figuring this out, it's worth noting for next time.

* The oven temperature pre-sets buttons (Pizza, Nuggets) were less useful than I anticipated. The Pizza button is preset at a temperature of 425 degrees, which is not high enough for pizza. To properly cook a freshly-made pizza on a pizza stone, the oven needs to be set at 500 or higher.

* As other users have indicated, the largest burner (17,000/500 BTU), does not have much mid-range. It's either very intense, or very low. I didn't see this necessarily as a negative, because we were able to adjust our cooking according to the stove's capabilities.

Overall, I am very content with this purchase. Not only did I stay below my budget, but I ended up with a professional grade stove which more than serves our purpose. Let's just hope my positive feelings remain the same in a year from now!

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